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An independent film company has announced plans to make a documentary on how the BBC report and manipulate political news in Scotland.
The company, Equinox TV which is part of Equinox Scotland Limited – an independent production company - has launched a bid to raise funds in order to produce a documentary that “puts the BBC’s news coverage under the microscope.”

According to the fund raising website, the documentary will see “World-renowned experts in propaganda and media bias explore compelling evidence that the once widely-admired public service broadcaster has stooped to using highly questionable tactics to manipulate public opinion, such as:

  • - distorting reality
  • - stifling debate
  • - spin-doctoring, and
  • - using politically-loaded language

Speaking to Newsnet Scotland, project head David McDowell said £3000 would be needed in order to ensure the project goes ahead.

He said: “The success or failure of this project now lies in the hands of those who believe in a free and democratic media.”

Mr McDowell, a professional journalist and documentary scriptwriter, called on anyone who wanted a balanced and informative debate to help raise funds for the project and added:

“I would urge everyone to help in any way they can, either by donating, asking friends to donate or simply distributing our leaflets or linking to our facebook page.”

He added: “We have the people ready, so it’s over to you.”

Anyone wishing to donate to the project and/or download promotional leaflets can do so by visiting the project site at:

Promotional video for The Make Believers

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