Yes Scotland chairman Dennis Canavan has called on unregistered voters - the so-called 'missing million' - to help deliver cast-iron protection for Scotland's NHS with a Yes vote on September 18.

The future of Scotland's NHS has moved centre stage in the referendum debate after Labour Shadow Health Secretary at Westminster, Andy Burnham, warned that the UK Government's privatisation agenda would 'push the NHS off the cliff-edge' in the next five years.

  Scots soap actor Adam Robertson has taken a dramatic, life-changing decision to ensure he plays a part in what he believes is the biggest opportunity in the history of his native land.
Fans of the River City will know Dr Dan Hunter from Shieldinch, but in real life, Robertson has been living in South Wales with his young family but is in the throes of moving them to Scotland to get closer to the independence campaign.

  By Martin Kelly
Analysis of OECD figures has revealed an independent Scotland would be in a better position to tackle poverty than as part of the UK.
International GDP per head rankings has shown Scotland would be the 14th most wealthy country by GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita - at $39,642 per head, ahead of France, Japan and the United Kingdom as a whole.

  Independence is the only sure way to deal with the ever-growing gap between Scotland’s rich and poor, two leading figures in the Yes campaign will say today.
Ahead of today's Oxfam debate on inequality at the Lighthouse, Mitchell Lane, Glasgow, Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Patrick Harvie, Co-Convener of the Scottish Green Party, both members of Yes Scotland’s Advisory Board, have said that a Yes vote in eight weeks’ time is the key to tackling poverty.

  By a Newsnet reporter
Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood has said an independent Scotland could be a "beacon for social justice" that will show the way for everyone across the British Isles.
In a speech to be delivered in the Mitchell Theatre in Glasgow this evening, Ms Wood will argue that devolution alone is not enough address social inequality.

  By a Newsnet reporter
A Yes vote in September's independence referendum is an opportunity for Labour voters across Scotland to "reclaim their politics and their party", Nicola Sturgeon will tell an audience of undecided voters tonight.
The Deputy First Minister who is also a Yes Scotland Advisory Board member will attend a Q&A in Renfrew along with former Labour MP and Yes Scotland chairman Dennis Canavan.

  The former Bishop of Edinburgh Richard Holloway and celebrated crime writer Val McDermid have both announced they will be backing a Yes vote in September's independence referendum.
Bishop Holloway, the former Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, and BBC broadcaster, is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. 


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