By G.A.Ponsonby
A magazine has caused outrage after a map to be published on its front cover re-named Scotland ‘Skintland’.
The map of Scotland, which is featured by London based Economist magazine, shows Scotland surrounded by islands and regions each given derogatory names which suggest a lack of finances.

The capital city Edinburgh is re-named ‘Edinborrow’ whilst the Highlands are renamed the ‘Highinterestlands’ and the lowlands renamed ‘Loanlands’.

The map was revealed in a tweet by the SNP’s Angus Robertson.  The MP claimed that the map is to feature on the front page of the UK edition of the Economist this weekend.

Mr Robertson’s party colleague, Humza Yousaf, reacted to the image by suggesting it would increase support for Scottish independence.  “Being called 'Skintland' by the London-based Economist?! That should add a few more percent to the 'Yes' vote”, he re-tweeted.

The magazine headline accompanying the ‘map’ proclaims ‘It’ll cost you – the price of Scottish independence’

In the mock image, Scotland’s oil and gas rich regions are also given derogatory names with the Orkney and Shetland islands called the ‘Orkward Islands’ and the ‘Shutland Islands’, the latter has a sub note saying it is ‘leased to Norway’.

The image conforms to stereotypes of Scotland as promoted by a London centric media which promotes the idea of the Northern subsidy junkie living off of the wealth of our Southern neighbours.

However despite the 'subsidy' myth having been disproved by countless studies and official reports, it continues to persist not least due to claims made by Scottish born Unionist politicians and news media here in Scotland.

The Times Scottish political editor Angus Macleod complained that the SNP reaction to the front cover was an “over-reaction”, tweeting:  “The Economist cover is juvenile but is the SNP over-reaction a tactic to divert people from the thoughtful piece inside.”

SNP MEP Alyn Smith called the front page cover a “publicity stunt” and called on SNP supporters to “1. tweet less; 2. www.snp/join; 3. Contact your local branch and come help campaign!”

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