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A rally calling for a balanced and inclusive referendum debate from broadcasters has been held in Glasgow city centre.
Organisers estimate that almost two hundred people attended Saturday's march which was held by campaign group BARD2014.

The group are calling for a balanced and all inclusive referendum debate and the rally, which involved a march from Strathclyde University to St Enoch’s Square, saw people from all over Scotland attend.

The campaign, which is targeted at Scotland’s two main broadcasters, calls for equal representation for both sides in all debate and discussion programmes.  Organisers have also criticised the decision by BBC Scotland to cut jobs at a time when Scots are engaged in the most important debate in the nation’s history.

Speaking to Newsnet Scotland, a campaign organiser said he was pleased with the turnout and that more events are now being planned.

He said: “We were very pleased at the turnout for an event that received no publicity from any of Scotland’s main stream media outlets.

“The rally began with approximately 120 people.  By the time we reached Glasgow Central Station more had joined and we estimate that there were close to two hundred by the time we entered St Enoch’s Square.”

Leaflets with information were handed out to people who watched as the 'Illuminate The Debate' rally, headed by a lone piper, passed by.  Many offered their support for the aims of the campaign which is also calling for more representation from women and voluntary groups in the independence debate.

The spokesman was particularly critical of the BBC and commented on the poor quality coverage that is currently causing concern amongst many from across the political spectrum. 

Last week First Minister Alex Salmond criticised the BBC after it emerged that a break at Westminster meant that there was no Sunday Politics Show for Scotland, despite Holyrood being business as usual.  The First Mnister’s criticism followed questions posed by Holyrood’s Culture Committee to BBC Scotland management after they appeared in front of the committee.

The spokesman added: “BBC Scotland’s recent claim that they don’t have to be balanced in their coverage of the independence referendum should be of concern to both sides.

“Instead of job cuts, BBC Scotland should be investing in quality programming and addressing what is a very clear lack of balance in their referendum debates and discussions.”

Newsnet Scotland’s Lynda Williamson interviewed some people who took part in the rally:

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