Green Yes, the Scottish Green Party's campaign for a Yes vote in the referendum, will today (16 Sep) show the widespread support it has from colleagues across the UK and Europe for independence.

Alistair Darling's plea to Scots to vote No has been given a giant thumbs down - by his own namesakes.  Another family of no less than four Darlings are all rejecting his advice and turning out for Yes on Thursday. 

Ken Darling, his wife Heather and their two sons, Fraser and Stuart, all live in Hamilton and have even christened themselves Darlings for Yes.

More than 100 Labour party members past and present have signed an open letter urging a Yes vote on Thursday as the best way to create a fairer, more socially just Scotland.
The 133 signatories, including former STUC president Pat Kelly, former Westminster Labour government minister Les Huckfield and former chairman of the Scottish Labour Party Bob Thomson, say a Yes vote is not a vote for nationalism but to take, "the important economic and political decisions that will help put right the ills in our society".

A former risk manager for Lloyds Banking Group today hit back at No campaign scaremongering, stressing  that a Yes vote on Thursday will have ‘no impact’ on staff or customers in Scotland.

Edward McDowell said he felt compelled to speak out after a welter of false claims that ‘technical adjustments’ by banks would lead to jobs and investment losses.

Two of the Yes movement's most active groups, Generation Yes and National Collective, have joined forces to urge their grandparents to vote Yes - for them and for Scotland.
Young people around the country are being asked to visit or get in touch their older relatives on Sunday and explain why they should back independence on Thursday.


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