Previewing the next television referendum debate - a panel debate on Scottish Television on Tuesday, in which Yes will be fielding Nicola Sturgeon, Patrick Harvie and Elaine C Smith - the Yes campaign contrasted this "Team Yes" with the "Team Tory" being led by Ruth Davidson, which is a "front" for the Westminster Tory government.

Alex Salmond will today pledge to work with the food and drink industry following a Yes vote to ensure they capitalise on the unprecedented global publicity generated by independence.

Speaking ahead of a visit to new whisky distiller Eden Whisky in St Andrew’s today, Mr Salmond said the publicity generated by a Yes vote, the  independence process and independence day itself would be an “opportunity of a lifetime” which Scotland’s food and drink industry must take full advantage of – and pledged to work with the industry on a new global marketing campaign.

The threat to Scotland’s place in the European Union in the event of a No vote has been highlighted again today – after it emerged that up to 100 Tory MPs are preparing to include a personal pledge in their election manifestos to vote for the UK to quit the EU.

Media reports today suggest that the move will be seen as a "vote of no confidence" in David Cameron’s ability to negotiate an EU deal which would be acceptable to the increasingly Eurosceptic Westminster establishment – and follows on from reports last week that Mr Cameron himself would back an EU exit if he didn’t get his way in negotiations.

Commenting on the surge in people across Scotland who have been signing up to the electoral roll to vote in the independence referendum – many who will be voting for the first time in their lives – Alex Salmond said that the unprecedented scale of new voters adding themselves to the register could prove a decisive factor on September 18.

A galaxy of Scotland's top talent is taking to the stage in the final push for a Yes vote in the country's historic referendum campaign.

The star-studded event by SCA Promotions is taking place at Edinburgh’s century-old Usher Hall on the evening of September 14, with tickets going on sale Monday.


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