By Derek Bateman

Some mixed emotions on seeing the images of crazed jihadists executing Iraqi police. The revulsion reminded me of old footage of the Nazis shooting civilians on the edge of the graves they themselves had been forced to dig. I don’t think anything hit me harder as graphic proof of the chilling reality of humans gone mad.

Then it contrasted with the weekend experience of watching our people, Scots, enacting ancient rites and ceremonies at Selkirk Common Riding commemorating the war dead and the defeat at Flodden 500 years ago with solemnity and dignity and not a trace of resentment, let alone violence.

  By Paul Kavanagh
There was an interesting interview with Scottish journalist Iain MacWhirter published on Sunday in the Basque newspaper Deia. In the interview, Iain talks about the decision taken by the Sunday Herald to support independence, and explains that if there is a No vote, a distinctive Scottish media has no future.
The Scottish press is overwhelmingly owned by commercial interests outside Scotland, and if there is a no vote, Iain fears that Scotland’s media lose any claim to being a national media and will continue its descent into becoming a tartan branch of the English regional press.

  By David Torrance

Today the leaders of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Scottish Labour Party and the Scottish Conservatives gathered at the National Monument on Edinburgh’s Calton Hill to mark their joint support for more powers in the event of a ‘no’ vote.

The aim is an obvious one: in the face of cynicism from the Scottish Government, which seems likely to be reflected by at least a sizeable minority of the electorate, the three Unionist parties are seeking to demonstrate that they’re serious about continuing the devolution journey should a majority of Scots reject independence this September.

By Stephen Bowman
The Proclaimers have a pro-independence song called 'Cap in Hand', one small part of which neatly sums up what it is to be Scottish.  The line 'We boast – then we cower' captures the essence of a nation that spends half its time bragging about its distinctiveness and its achievements, and the rest of the time suffering from a crippling lack of self-confidence.

"Sure I've got 'Scotland Forever' tattooed on my backside, but we're too wee and too stupid to become independent.  Can't I just listen to the bagpipes and wax lyrical about how pretty the mountains are?  All this self-government stuff…"

  By Peter Geoghegan
The longer any online discussion goes on, the greater the probability that someone will make a comparison involving Hitler or the Nazis.  This maxim – known as 'Godwin's Law' - is so widely accepted that it has even made it into the Oxford English Dictionary.
So today I would like to propose an #indyref equivalent (but please don't call it 'Geoghegan's Law'!): the longer any discussion about Scottish independence goes on, the greater the likelihood of someone adducing the Balkans.

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