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The Scottish Labour party cannot be trusted and are “out of touch” according to a new poll.

Asked by pollsters YouGov to describe Johann Lamont’s party, 35% opted for “untrustworthy”, with a similar number saying they were “out of touch”.

29% said they were “incompetent” and 26% claimed Labour in Scotland were “boring”.

Only 13% of respondents described Labour in positive terms, with 5 per cent saying they were “efficient” and just 8 per cent opting for “trustworthy”.

The news will be disappointing to Johann Lamont, who replaced Iain Gray as leader after the party’s humiliation at the 2011 Scottish election.  It also comes after the party faced a split in its ranks with the setting up of a pro-independence website ‘Labour for Independence’.

The latest poll follows a series of surveys showing the SNP has built on their 2011 support levels.  It also follows surveys showing that support for independence has not been dented by the recent wall to wall media promotion of ‘Britishness’ due to the Jubilee and the Olympics.

Labour sources have denied the poll is of concern to the party and have described it as an indication of an ‘anti-politics’ mood in the nation.  

A Scottish Labour spokesman said: “We knew when we lost the Scottish Parliament elections in 2011 that people wanted us to change.  That’s why in the past year, we’ve seen real change in our party that’s helped us get closer to people and communities across the country.”

However the party north of the border will be concerned that the installation of Johann Lamont as new Scottish leader has led to huge swathes of the electorate dismissing the party.

An SNP spokesman said: “The poll is extremely bad news for Labour, and it also underlines the breadth and strength of support for the SNP government’s record, team and vision for Scotland.”

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