Will it be a Yes For NHS or Currency No Thanks?

  By G.A.Ponsonby  It's coming down to two clear issues in the race for the independence referendum.  The question is ...

Commentary | Monday, 18 August 2014 | Comments

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A currency union would save the rest of the UK fro

By George Kerevan  WHY are Labour and Conservative politicians so set on rejecting a currency union with an independent Scotland? ...

Commentary | Wednesday, 13 August 2014 | Comments

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Catalonia in Scotland's Independence Slipstream

By Mark McNaught In late July in Barcelona, I had the pleasure of participating in a round table d...

Commentary | Tuesday, 12 August 2014 | Comments

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Devolution alone cannot protect Scottish NHS from Tories says leading union

  By Martin Kelly  A leading trade union has warned that devolution alone cannot protect the Scottish NHS from the Conservative's privatisation agenda currently being implemented in the health service south of the border. Unison has said cutbacks to the English health service will eventually hit Scotland's own health ... Read More


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John Finnie to speak at SSP Independence meeting in Scotstoun

Independent MSP John Finnie to speak in Glasgow as Scottish Socialist Party steps up intensity of campaign for Independence with ... Read More

Patrick Harvie and Dennis Canavan take Yes message to Tranent

Green Yes, the Scottish Green Party's campaign for a Yes vote in the independence referendum, is urging voters in the ... Read More

Support for SSP grows on wave of Pro-Yes optimism

THE Scottish Socialist Party has re-launched its Falkirk branch - the latest of many new branches across Scotland - as ... Read More

Scottish government says no to Whitehall fracking plans

Patrick Harvie, Green MSP for Glasgow and Co-convener of the Scottish Greens, is welcoming comments by Energy Minister Fergus Ewing ... Read More

Darling called on to distance himself from 'insulting' Food Bank comments

The SNP has called on No campaign head Alistair Darling to distance himself from what they said were heartless comments ... Read More

Scottish employment at record levels

Employment in Scotland is at the highest level since records began in 1992, statistics published today show. Published by the Office ... Read More

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by G.A.Ponsonby

The SNP and Labour have both marked International Women’s Day by setting their sights on Scotland’s female vote.  With the Holyrood elections now less than two months away both parties unveiled their pre-election pitches aimed at capturing the attention of the nation’s women voters.

The SNP were first out of the stalls on Saturday with Scotland’s first all woman political broadcast led by Depute leader and Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

by Kenneth Roy

One man will be able to take the credit – if credit it turns out to be – for this week's 'top-level summit' with the first minister over the disturbances on and off the field at the most recent Old Firm game.  Had it not been for the personal intervention of the chief constable of Strathclyde, there would be no 'summit' and the events of last Wednesday would already be forgotten by the wider public.

bi John F. McDonnell

A teim made up o sax SAS sodgers, the regiment at haes the motto 'Who Dares Wins', an twa unidentified British offeicials, haes left Libya efter thair embarrassin arrest an detencioun in Libya bi the rebel forces at controls the eister hauf o the kintra.  The elite o the British airmie wis taen doun a hack bi a paircel o Libyan ferm chiels at interceptit the British helicopter efter hit laundit.

Tho the British claimed tae be on a diplomatic meissioun, thae cam in on a helicopter gun-ship airmed til the teith at laundit wi nae wairnin in the wee smaa hours in the mids o a field eist o Benghazi.  Bi the wey o local reports, nae ettil haed been made bi the British fur tae contac the rebel authorities at controls the regioun nor tae speik a wurd tae thaim anent the income o the British sodgies.  Whan the British wis arrestit hit wis funn at thae wer cairriein ammunicioun, maps an passports frae fower different kintras.

bi John McDonnell
A respectit American scientific journal, the Journal of Cosmology, haes publisht a studie at claims tae hae funn evidence o bacterial lyfe in meteorites at fell til the yird frae outer space.  The studie, cairrit out bi NASA astrobiologist Dr. Richard Hoover, staits at ther structures yirdit deip ben the meteorites at kin ainerlie hae been creatit bi cyanobactera.
Cyanobacteria is the maist commun o bacteria, an thocht bi monie tae be the bacteria at evolved furst, makin hit the auldest.  On our planet cyanobacteria bydes blythe in extreme condiciouns, lik volcanoes, hot springs, or in the deipest pairts o the oceans.

by David Malone

In an interview with the Telegraph, Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England, said:

“... the institutions bailed out were those at the heart of the crisis. Hedge funds were allowed to fail, 3000 of them have gone, but banks weren’t.”  Could there be a repeat?  “Yes! The problem is still there. The 'search for yield’ goes on. Imbalances are beginning to grow again.”

by Gerry Hassan, Open Democracy. March 7th 2011

The power and pull of Scottish football reaches into every nook and cranny of Scottish society for good and ill.  It obsesses us, transfixes us and blinds us to addressing so many things in our country.

The most recent Celtic v Rangers game has shown that football has a life force of its own which takes over most of Scotland: three Rangers players sent off, 13 yellow cards, the Celtic manager and Rangers assistant in a bitter exchange, hundreds of arrests, and the number of domestic violence cases rising dramatically (1).  No wonder Stewart Regan, SFA chief executive called it "inflammatory and irresponsible behaviour" and Les Gray of the Scottish Police Federation labelled it ‘madness’ (2).  Graham Spiers, Scotland’s most respected sports writer said, "The Old Firm are like a horrendous car crash." (3)

by David Malone

This morning the rating agency Moody's cut Greece's credit rating from Ba1 to B1.  That is a big drop.  It's three levels down in a single review.

Ba1 is the first level of Non-Investment grade or Speculative bonds.  B1 drops Greece into the region marked "Highly Speculative".  Bolivia lives down there.  Below is only 'Extremely Speculative' and 'In Default'.  The size of the drop is as much the worry as the level itself.  It says Greece, according to the Bond market, is slipping faster not slower.  The market does not believe the European 'rescue' is going to work.  Not for Greece anyway.

by Sue Varley
Against a background of austerity, Tory cuts, and growing dissatisfaction with party politics and politicians leading to general apathy among the electorate, it’s no surprise that Labour comfortably held the seat. The Conservative and Liberal Democrat candidates were poor choices to appeal to the Barnsley voter.  Hockney a Cambridgeshire councillor, and Carman a businessman and political writer from London are tainted by prior association with politics and disadvantaged by being southerners.
Labour have been the party worst hit by the MPs' expenses scandal.  Since the reason for the by-election was the imprisonment of former Labour MP Eric Illsley following conviction for false accounting, they had to find a good candidate to restore some credibility to a severely soiled brand image.  


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