Making a Difference

By Derek Bateman I was girdin’ masel  for a hurl at Gordon Brown with no little distaste I have ...

Commentary | Wednesday, 23 April 2014 | Comments

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Pension off Brown’s warnings

  By George Kerevan  IF HISTORY tells us anything it is don’t trust Gordon Brown with your pension. In 1997, ...

Commentary | Wednesday, 23 April 2014 | Comments

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Twisting the truth on pensions

  By Stephen Noon  Gordon Brown is not a stupid man.  He knows that what he is saying today on ...

Commentary | Tuesday, 22 April 2014 | Comments

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Pension off Brown’s warnings

  By George Kerevan  IF HISTORY tells us anything it is don’t trust Gordon Brown with your pension. In 1997, in one of his first acts as chancellor, Brown abolished tax relief on advance corporation tax (ACT). Unfortunately, this technical move penalised pension funds, robbing £5 billion from their annual income, and producing a £100bn loss in value. True, Mr ... Read More

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SCHOOL children from across Scotland would enjoy hands-on lessons about rural life and renewable energy, if a classroom on the ... Read More

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  By G.A.Ponsonby
She spoke those words at the independence rally in Edinburgh in September 2012.  I never met Margo MacDonald, but like others who have sent well wishes to her family and expressed their own sadness at her passing, I felt as though I did.
I called our editor on Friday afternoon when I heard the news.  I expected Lynda to have already heard.  The gasp on the other end of the phone told me she hadn't.  Oh no! was the immediate response followed by a lengthy silence.

By George Kerevan
DURING his ill-starred 2010 election campaign, Gordon Brown made the controversial pledge to “create British jobs for British workers”. Of course, his proposal was illegal under European Union rules, but then Brown did not actually intend to do anything about it. His use of language worthy of the BNP was a classic political “dog whistle” – an emotive phrase intended to lodge in the subconscious of a key electoral group.

  By Peter Geoghegan
St George's Day is most commonly associated with England, but the feast of the fabled dragon is a big deal in Catalonia, too.  Every April 23, Catalans exchange books, flowers and other gifts on the dia dels enamorats (lovers' day).
But on April 23, 2015, Catalans could be doing something very different on St George's day – making a unilateral declaration of independence.

  By G.A.Ponsonby
"The nationalists are in utter chaos over currency.  Alex Salmond's Panama Plan would be an absolute disaster for Scotland, leaving us without anyone standing behind our banks and resulting in sky-high interest rates for our mortgages and loans.  The only way to keep the strength and security of the pound is to vote to stay part of the UK."
The words of the Better Together campaign almost exactly one month ago.

By Isobel Lindsay

The anonymous Cabinet Minister who said they would probably negotiate a currency union with Scotland especially if they could get to keep Trident on the Clyde, let slip one of the big unionist nightmares – they could lose their big-power virility symbol.

This is one of the great moral and international issues at stake in the Referendum campaign.

By Derek Bateman

There's no escaping the irony. The people who accuse nationalists of abuse have turned to vilification in place of argument. There's always going to be a background of jibe and accusation and it's a key part of what we call debate, although it is dismissed as contemptible by the pious who nevertheless find space in their condemnation for the odd dismissive barb themselves.

Personally, I enjoy it. My rule of thumb is not to write anything I wouldn't say to someone's face and that mostly gets me by, allowing tart, sour and borderline hurtful comments while making sure I could justify them if challenged.

By Derek Bateman
Another bombardment of tough love is already skyward and heading our way this week as the independence-haters – what else can they be with such irrational, self-harming persistence – seek to hammer home their orchestrated line on no currency sharing. (I get images of Osborne astride a descending bomb like the major in Dr Strangelove)

It would have been arm-round-the-shoulder week, like the boozy wincher, angling for a stolen kiss, no doubt turning nasty on rejection. Instead, through their own ineptitude, they are obliged to bludgeon us with ever more shrill insistence that they meant it all along.

By Ken Ferguson

From Labour's ambition for an “irreversible shift of wealth” to working people 40 years ago, to the Blair/Brown love in with the rich, is quite a leap.

The recent death of Tony Benn recalled that earlier period when the rich really did – briefly – fear for their world of wealth and power. However it also threw a harsh spotlight on the reality of today's Labour Party.

Blair and Brown, in power with big majorities at Westminster, used that power to harness Labour to the world of casino capitalism unleashed by Thatcher which shifted vast wealth and power into the grubby hands of the super rich.


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